Tesoro Mio

​6 x 60
Toro 6x52
Torpedo 6 x 52
Robusto 5x52
Barberpole Torpedo 6x52
Barberpole Perfecto 5.5x52
Barberpole Salomon 7x58

Tesoro Mio

[te-soro mi-o]; Meaning "My Treasure"


This mild to medium blend is a perfect day or evening cigar. The Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper is beautiful and the burn is spectacular. This cigar has notes of light spice and coffee with creme, with a slight woody hint.

The Barberpole Habano/Connecticut Wrapper provides a beautiful dual colored wrapper. Construction results in a very smooth and easy draw and the blend brings out the wonderful flavors of Vanilla and Coffee notes. Producing big puffs of smoke and is quickly becoming a fan favorite.


The Tesoro Mio is a cigar that everyone will enjoy.

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